Investigation of Your Complaint

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On receipt of your complaint, we will attempt to review the situation promptly and get in touch with you to resolve the issue and, if required, complete an investigation (called the ‘initial level’). We endeavour to resolve your issue at this initial level or within 2 business days if possible.

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction after the initial level, then as per our internal dispute handling procedure, we have up to 45 business days to further investigate and resolve the complaint. We will ensure to communicate with you throughout this time period and if required, ask for further information.

If we are unable to resolve the complaint within 45 business days, we will:
– inform you of the reasons for the delay;
– provide you with updates on the progress of the complaint; and
– specify a date when a decision can be reasonably expected.

We would expect that in most cases the above process would deal with the matter fully and to your satisfaction.